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Looking for scholarship seems like a game of hide and seek. , however soar provides a step by step proecess to securing funding for college.

There are plenty of scholarship that are perfect for your child, And once you identify  them, you can dramatically increase your child's chance of winning by following a few simple strategies. Finding and winning scholarships can go from a tantalizing

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Researching scholarships is an art.  It requires knowing your strengths and ultimately, what works best for you.  With that said, pinpointing your strengths will help you to know which scholarships have the most potential.

If you happen to be a person who enjoys writing, there are plenty of opportunities for you to express yourself.  Most scholarships are based on applications and submitting information, like your GPA and ACT/SAT scores.  However, an essay contest truly allows scholarship providers to learn more about your personality and your ability to express personal beliefs.

As you delve into writing, keep these tips in mind:
Know Your Competition. Scholarships that require you to write an essay based on your response to a novel or a particular situation can be time consuming.  However, knowing your competition will help you to budget your time more effectively and know if it is worth your time. For example, the Ayn Rand Institute offers scholarships that involve reading a novel and in response, writing an essay.  It is very competitive, but if you have the time—go for it.

Use School as a Resource. Visit your school’s financial aid or career center.  Professionals working in these departments have the networking skills to help you research and they probably have a list of scholarships available.  Also, if you happen to know a teacher who is willing to edit your work, this could be very beneficial.

Read Carefully. Essay contests are crafted so that the writer keeps-on-track and so that the judge’s time is not being wasted.  Make sure you follow key criteria, such as word count or page limits, font, margins, and how it should be submitted (email, etc.), because simple mistakes can cost you big points.

Save, Save, Save. Keep a large box in your basement or closet to store all of your accomplishments, especially if your work has been published or is chosen as a winning piece for a writing contest.  They look great in a portfolio when you are looking for a job someday!In addition to writing essays, if you enjoy creating artwork, taking pictures, blogging, and other communication, visit websites such as The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers and the Young Voices Foundation, to find other opportunities. Normally, I do not recommend paying a fee to apply for a scholarship, but this practice is very common in these types of “award” contests and some students don’t mind paying the $5.  Use your own judgment.

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This service is for High School seniors through graduate students only:

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I helped my own son and daughter win over $600,000++ in college scholarships and now I share my expertise with other parents and their students. I truly have “been there, done that” in regards to helping parents and students navigate the scholarship process. My overall goal is helping students in finding college scholarships, writing unique and compelling scholarship essays, creating amazing scholarship application packets that brand themselves and more. The goal is to help students win thousands of scholarship dollars.

To help students, parents, counselors, educators and student focused organizations, Elisa has a variety of resources on scholarships to help demystify the process and make it easier for students to be successful in the college scholarship search process by providing scholarship search help.

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