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We know that many students feel stuck when it comes to writing their Personal Statement, and while not to add additional pressure to this task, we also know that this essay is a big deal. It is the essay that (almost) EVERY college on your list will be able to read. If you want to get this monumental item checked off your college To-Do list over the summer, take advantage of our $ 150 Personal Statement Package!  Soar counselor will help you brainstorm topics, create an outline, and edit the essay to perfection. 

This package will help you kickstart your Personal Statement. Here’s what's included:

Two Zoom calls for brainstorming and editing your story (approx 60 mins each)

Two rounds of edits. 

First Draft - Students send the counselor their draft, and they will receive an edited version with tracked changes and comments.

Final Draft - Your counselor will do a final edit and help you polish up your essay so it is ready to submit.     

Writing your personal statement
can be daunting, and the hardest

part is getting started. 

Here are five ways to start writing.



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1. Remember your audience. Admissions officers spend generally five minutes or less on your personal statement and read about 40 to 50 essays a day. Your essay needs to grab their attention and stand out immediately.

2. Show your ability to succeed. Admission officers are looking for people that will be successful students. Show them right away that you are a good fit for the program and the profession.

3. Show your motivation. Most people applying to college want to go, but not all of them can articulate why. Explain to the admissions committee why you want to go to their school, not just the fact that you want to go.

4. Focus on “soft skills.” Admissions officers are looking for empathy, compassion, sincerity, and people skills. These are not readily apparent from grades and scores, so emphasize those attributes in your essay.

5. Be truthful and personal. Admissions officers read so many essays that they can immediately detect when someone is being insincere or is writing from a template. You need the essay to reflect who you are. 

If you follow these tips, you will be able to write your personal statement that shines.

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5 Ways To Start Your Personal Statement