Admissions A La Carte is an optional add-on to The Advisor Class. It, too, is available as an A la carte program for families who have not engaged with either of the above-mentioned SOAR programs.   If you are a family that needs support but do not require the full college consulting packages you may purchase separate hours for 1-on-1 consultations. SOAR will assist your student in the areas that need the most attention.  

Admissions A La Carte includesFour TiersAdmissions A La Carte is always a custom quote because the level of counseling and support required of our staff can vary dramatically with a number of variables:  Hourly Consultation

  • Scholarships Search Assistance/Money Finder  ( Seniors & College Only)
  • 45- Minute Scholarship Strategy Session
  • Resume Development
  • Essay & Application Support and Admissions Strategies & Tactics

​As the College List matures, it becomes evident how many colleges and what types of colleges will be applied to. Upon request, a custom quote is provided for Admissions A La Carte

Admissions A La Carte typically engages students during the 1st semester of the student’s Sophomore year… through- College. and those who may be a bit late often find refuge with this program as well.

Depending on the number of essays and applications, Admissions A La Carte varies
from $200 to $2000.