About Elisa

SOAR was established in 2013 as a Personalized College & Scholarship Program. Many bright, ambitious students have passed through our program. We were founded on the belief that every student has the opportunity to gain financial assistance for college. With a little help, guidance and knowledge students can develop the necessary skills to become successful and compete for scholarship opportunities.

Over the past 27 years, I have helped students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and build stronger writing and comprehension skills. As a result, these students have earned scholarship success, and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating these victories with our students.

Elisa coached her children to win over 600,000 in Scholarships!

Meet Elisa

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Elisa Turner began home-schooling in 1996 and graduated her two children from a non-traditional home-school program.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology Human Services from Clayton State University and a Masters in Education for Mercer University-M.Ed.   She has also taught students formerly from private and public-school environments showing increased growth in their academic potential. After years of experience teaching high school, she began assisting with the college and scholarship process. She's the President of SOAR: Scholarships Opportunities Assistance and Research Consulting business and works with families across Georgia, and across the country virtually. She coaches students who win prestigious full scholarships and guiding hundreds of students through the college search, admission, and financial aid process. s

A note from Elisa:

I started working with high school students in Georgia in 2008. I started with encouragement, advice, and guidance. 
I began to guide authentic discussions about college essays and applications, and then through the financial aid process.
 The majority of my students turned into first-generation college students! I continued with this process throughout my teaching career helping any students from the area schools, my neighbor’s children, anyone who needed assistance. In 2013, I got the opportunity to pursue this passion full time, and started my own business, and have loved every minute of it!

My family started this journey in the same predicament as most students, searching for scholarships. 
My children ended up with full rides to undergraduate and plus scholarships that paid for a summer program. 
Scholarships provided my children with a great education but also some real adventures.  I now judge for
many scholarships (some full and some partial), and work with private clients at various levels of depth and intensity. 
I also consult with foundations, public and private schools, and homeschool associations to provide group workshops
and services to their students.

As a College & Scholarship Consultant, we provide comprehensive, one-on-one scholarship counseling services to help high-school
and college students navigate the complicated scholarship process. Students work directly with Elisa on pre-college planning,
career & major exploration, developing a college scholarship list, time management skills, meeting deadlines, college application essays, application completion, and finding scholarship & financial aid resources

More about Coach Elisa 

Elisa Turner has coached her own children to win multiple full scholarships which provided then:
All four years of undergraduate school earning over $600,000 in scholarships

I am a Scholarship Judge, speaker, and volunteer in the community.

Community Involvement

President: Heritage Homeschool Group
Volunteer: Turner Chapel AME Education Ministry

Community Partner: Change 4 Hope
Community Partner: The GATES Scholarship Reader/Interviewer
Community Partner: Wells Fargo Academic Leaders Fellowship Program Scholarship Reader
Community Partner: SOAR Scholarship Chair For Posse Foundation
Community Partner:  Cobb County Citizens- Putting Students First 
Community Partner: McEachern High School PTSA
Community Partner: EWOE-Elite Women of Excellence
Scholarship Chair:  National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc.
Guidance Counselor/Scholarship Chair- FIRST-For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology