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Rising above to succeed...

An Independent College Consultant can make a big difference in the admissions, financial aid, and application process. At SOAR, we understand the importance of educating students and families about the college admissions and financial aid process! At SOAR, we offer a choice of many different programs  that will give the student the edge that most students don’t have. We strive to help our students reach their post secondary goals and offer the following services and more:

college selection
career and major search
Personal statements and essays
Letters of recommendation
Financial aid/scholarships and college funding

Personalized Scholarship Assistance:

Assisting High-School and College Students to gain private, merit and need based scholarship opportunities. 

Millions of dollars in unclaimed scholarship money is left on the table each year. College Scholarship Consultant Elisa Turner provides comprehensive, one-on-one scholarship counseling services to help high-school and college students navigate the complicated scholarship process. Students work directly with Elisa on pre-college planning, career & major exploration, developing a strong college and scholarship list. 
Students will focus on time management skills,meeting deadlines, college application essays, and building a unique brand for finding scholarship & financial aid resources.

Making College Dreams Come true

The problem is more critical for some than others. Many of our districts are in depressed and economically disadvantaged areas. In some elementary schools, 50% of the students are on the free or reduced lunch programs. This, of course, transcends into the high school with students and families struggling to meet daily needs. Going to college becomes a unfulfilled dream for most families.

Through the Scholarship Consulting Services program, SOAR can provide opportunities and options so that students and parents can make an informed choice when selecting a college that meets all the needs of students, including the academic program that is best for the student, the financial aid offered, and campus compatibility.

Our  program will help parents complete and submit financial aid forms, give parents resources and advice to better understand and navigate the college admissions process. We will answer questions, address concerns, and provide information that will enable parents to feel more confident about the somewhat confusing and frustrating college admissions and financial aid process..

SOAR was established in 2013 as a Personalized College & Scholarship Program. Many bright, ambitious students have passed through our program. We were founded on the belief that every student has the opportunity to gain financial assistance for college. With a little help,knowledge and guidance to develop the skills necessary,students can successfully compete for scholarship opportunities.

Over the past ten years, I have helped students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and build stronger writing and comprehension skills. As a result, these students have earned scholarship success, and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating these victories with our students.

It is our goal at SOAR College Consulting to help your family through the often confusing college search and application process. While no one can guarantee that you will be accepted to a particular college without doing the hard work of maintaining good grades, taking the most challenging curriculum in which you can be successful and being active in a few activities, we can guide you through high school to making the best decisions for your future.

Elisa Turner has successfully worked as an Independent Educational Consultant for 10 years and has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. Her goal is to help your student develop self-awareness in order to make more informed choices without depleting the family finances.Type your paragraph here.

Good student positioning results in:

  • Students focused on a possible career path and what to do after graduation. On average, 1 in 4 students graduate in 4 years with most graduating in 5 years. Students are changing majors and/or colleges after enrolling which only adds to the costs and delays graduation. With better planning a family can beat this statistic

  • Selection of colleges that matches the student academically, socially and financially. We teach that the student makes the college; the college does not make the student. Using a proprietary methodology to apply a student's personality, aspirations and expectations of college and the parent's expectations of college to the college itself, the chances of a student graduating is increased.

  • Realistic college application lists. Just as there are A, B, and C students, there are A, B, and C colleges looking for students. With over 2500 colleges in the nation, we guide students to choose colleges that meet their criteria and that they qualify for. Students are advised to apply to a minimum of six colleges

  • Realistic expectations of the college experience. We are a third party voice for or against parental college expectations, we are a third party voice for or against student college expectations, we manage the entire family's expectations.

  • Reductions of the overall college costs for the family. The percentage of students from our client base that graduate in four years is higher than the norm. The financial assistance for families employing Student Positioning is higher than those who do not.

  • A successful college experience for the students. Choosing the right college creates student confidence, higher self esteem, higher retention of subject material, more time to explore extracurricular activities, more time for growth as a person, and family pride in an education dollar well spent.

                               A Personalized Approach One-On-One Consulting