The Nailing November Program is designed to help your student stand out against thousands of competitor-applicants like a diamond...... Shine!

How will your child answer the question,
“Why should we take YOU compared to
these 5,000 other applicants with the
same grades and test scores?

College Application Advising

The College Applications Package


An effective college application provides admissions counselors with a holistic view of the student. We help each student use the application to strategically express the elements of their unique academic and life story. We will guide your student through the entire application, including the college essay, college-specific supplemental essays, the additional information section and the description of extracurricular activities.

This package is for the student who has a solid list of colleges and needs assistance creating a strong and convincing application. It is also appropriate for students who need assistance with organization and time management or who feel overwhelmed and stressed by the prospect of the application process.

Recommended Timing:
•    Anytime between the summer prior to senior year and the fall of senior year. The earlier, the better.


•   One 60-90 minute “Deep Dive 15-point checklist" session (face to face or Skype) with Elisa                                                                                                     •   Video conference meetings.

 •   Ongoing email and text support as needed until the applications are submitted.

 •   Offline research, planning and editing.


Goals and Outcomes:
•    Create the strongest application possible telling your unique story.
•    Stay organized and meet deadlines.

•   Map out a game plan for the Fall, with milestones and deadlines


•    Create and update an activities resume.

•    Brainstorm and provide assistance completing the Common Application and college-specific supplements.

•    Editing, proofreading, with a strategic review of Common Application and all other applications, particularly the Activities  Section

•    Essay assistance, including supplement and college-specific essays.

•    Recommendation letter strategies.

•    Comprehensive review of applications prior to submission.

•    Action plan for completing applications.

•    Timing and tasks action plan; motivation and encouragement in completing applications.

•    Support and counseling to minimize stress.

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Because of the personal nature of these services, we can take on a limited amount of students.

Are you wondering what makes your child different?

How will he stand out and tell his story, the "closing argument" that convinces an admissions officer to roll out the red carpet and invite him to his dream college?

That's what kids' essays and applications must do.  They are the last, best chance at persuading the admissions committee that your child is THE ONE.

It's not easy for an admissions officer to know what your child is REALLY bringing to the table.  

Nor is it a piece of cake for your child to persuade his admissions officer that he deserves to be admitted.

Your child must state his case via a manner of writing never-before undertaken, unrecognizable to your average English teacher, and far different than any other writing assignment he encountered in school.

Maximize their chances of getting into their "Dream College" that they're dying to attend.

Helping them create polished, RIVETING, stand-out college applications and essays that resonate with each admissions officer that reads them...

Completing their applications and essays in a stress-free manner...

Knockout November College Application & Essays Advising

For Seniors with Early Decision and Early Action deadlines

Knockout November
With Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines Around the Corner...It's Time to Get SERIOUS!

 Brainstorming and editing of your child's college essays, 'spicing up"  their help them stand out from THOUSANDS of near-identical competitor-applicants...and multiply their odds of admission to their Dream Colleges