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Application Countdown October-November


Financial AID Countdown

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August through December

You should already be applying to the schools you may want to attend. Now is also the time to begin searching for scholarships that can help you pay for your education. 

This guide focuses on Senior year scholarship Game plan: What you should be doing during your scholarship journey.

Setting scholarship deadlines
Winning Scholarships
College Comparisons List
Scholarship Tips

Completing applications
Bonus: Meeting College Costs Worksheet

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This guide focuses on what you should be doing every month of the Financial Aid journey.A Timeline to keep you on track. 

Timeline for Financial aid
Overview of the process
Types of financial aid
what will be expected of my parents

College Cost & How to Pay

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May through September

The countdown to college is on! There’s a lot to get done between high school graduation and move-in day. Use this calendar of reminders to help first-year students get ready. 

This guide focuses on Senior year action plans to make sure you have covered everything needed for a smooth transition to freshman year.

8- Weeks before you fly the nest:

All required Appointments to schedule

Registration for classes requirements

What you should look for in a Roommate

Bonus: Dorm Room Checklist

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I am so excited to offer you my College Countdown series for Applications, Financial Aid, and Scholarship Game Plan and the transition to college. The Countdowns are great, which explains everything you need to know to create a solid application, understand what you should be doing for financial aid, and understanding how to position yourself for scholarship success and lastly, remember all the last minute details and schedule before heading to college.  Each one reflects a timeline for your student, that provides worksheets and templates. You can prepare and position yourself for a wonderful educational experience 

Instead of feeling stressed and absolutely overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task, you will relax in freedom and confidence, knowing you have the tools to compete for the college process to create a, well-rounded applicant.


Student's we are in the mist of college application week, get your full resource guide that provides help with submitting applications and creating your essay. It provides worksheet, templates and checklist for the college application.  There is also an opportunity to win essay editing services for free, and scholarship searching for free.This calendar focuses on what you should know before completing your applications

  • Finalized your College list
  • Gather Information
  • Completing the FAFSA
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • ACT/SAT test Scores 

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Senior Year Scholarship

Game Plan

A-5 month 1st semester  countdown

Senior Year


Transition to College Countdown

College Countdown

The mission is to help high school seniors gain access to college through assistance with completing college applications, submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the state grant application, and celebrating their acceptance to college.

College Countdown