The Building A College List Package


Often the hardest part of the college search package is getting started. This package is for students and parents who need assistance choosing the right colleges to put on their college list. We will help you identify the factors most important to you in your college search and then suggest colleges that meet your criteria. You will also learn the most effective ways to research colleges and get your questions answered regarding standardized testing, extracurricular activities, college visits and senior year course selection.

Recommended Timing:
•    Junior and senior years.
•    Can begin anytime in 11th grade through the fall of 12th grade.

•    5 video conference meetings via Zoom.
•    Consultant research and preparation time.
•    Phone calls, emails and texts to support your process as needed.
•     Access to College Planner Pro online college research, planning and organizational tools.

Goals and Outcomes:
•    Explore the student’s unique interests, needs, goals, preferences and abilities as they pertain to college planning.
•    Create a preliminary list of colleges that best meet the academic, personal and social needs of the student.
•    Educate students on factors to consider in a college search and how to research a college.

This package will be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each student and family. The following is a list of services included in a “typical” Building A College List package.
•    Identification of interests and educational priorities.
•    College research culminating in a preliminary list of colleges.
•    Up to date knowledge of trends in college admissions and how they relate to your family’s circumstances.
•    Review of academic and extracurricular profile.
•    Advice on course selection.
•    Standardized testing recommendations.
•    Advice regarding effective college visits.
•    Support and counseling to minimize stress.

Building A College List Package

College List Package