A well crafted personal statement or application essay can make a world of difference in a student's admission and scholarship opportunities. Even when a college application says an essay is optional, admission counselors agree that they view applicants much more favorably when they choose to submit an essay that provides some insight into the student’s personality.

In this intensive, hands-on session we will cover the essentials of creating a compelling and effective college admission or scholarship essay.  Each student will learn how to determine what to relate in an essay and how to make it unique, compelling and memorable.  Throughout the workshop, students will complete exercises that help them hone their writing style, determine the essay’s content and polish it so that it stands out among other essays. 

Step-By-Step Virtual Class

Once a Week.

                                           June 18- July 23 

   Session 1:  Pre-Session - Orientation/          Parents/Students) Overview of the college  

                     Admission  & Financial Aid process

   Session 2   Common Application & Hidden Obstacles

   Session 3:  Developing The Narrative 

   Session 4:  Creating Your Perfect Topics

   Session 5:  What is your Extraordinary Story

   Session 6:  Writing & Revising The Essay

   Session 7:  The Great Feedback  

   Session 8:  Bonus Rounds : Nailing the interview

    recommendations & Social Media online com.


Develop an action plan for telling her story
Identify his "hooks" and find opportunities to reveal them 

Establish an overall theme for her applications
Develop concepts for "lead" essays 

Get the most from letters of recommendation
Relax and convey important messages in personal interviews.

Here's How We'll Help You Get It Done!

​Our 5-week virtual program (June 18– July 23) allows your student to FEEL PRODUCTIVE during these uncertain times…and get the Common and Coalition Applications COMPLETED with confidence.

The College Application Virtual Camp is a LIVE, online, instructor-led program for rising high school seniors and juniors that makes it easy to complete college applications NOW, while they have the time at home.

Complete Your College Application & Essay's Now!

       "Give Your Application and Essay's A BOOST" 

College essay writing with a  The BoOsT Method:

Strategic Story telling

Essentially, students need to spend a significant portion of their time during the 
brainstorming/pre-writing stage, reflecting on questions that boost their creativity. Once they have these standout elements, they can organize their ideas into a basic outline.

storytelling process is where their essay leaps off of the page into an engaging, emotional, thought-provoking story. Technique is all about polishing the essay during the revision process. Students should write a minimum of four drafts for the essay, each draft focusing on one key component..


The class is Live and Online Saturday's, once per week for 5 weeks.

​Note: That the Orientation is for parents and students; the remaining classes are for the student.

We’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire admissions and application process.

   How to construct a strong opening sentence that draws the reader in, and       how to create interest and tension to make them want to keep reading. 

  How to use the right tone, when to use humor (and when not to):

  How and when to take risks; the importance of empathy, awareness, and        humor.

  How to wrap it up in a way that pulls the whole essay together :

  Mechanics and usage; grammar, organization, and style.
  Avoiding cliché, weak phrasing, sentimentality, redundancy, and     contradiction.

  A thorough review of both successful and unsuccessful essays.

SPACE IS LIMITED. We want these small-group sessions to be intimate and personal so you are comfortable to ask vulnerable questions that are specific to your college essay and personal experiences, all of which are very important when writing a compelling college essay that tells your story and illuminates your uniqueness.

Instructions: Email Elisa@soartocollege.com if you have any questions. Zoom link + password will be provided in confirmation emails sent prior to event.  Access to each session's College Essay Boot Camp materials will be provided. Homework Required each week. Pre-session- for Student/Parent to attend. 

See you at the (virtual) boot camp!

PS: Pre-Session/Orientation is for students and parents. The remaining classes are for students. 

                                  Join our 5 week Virtual Program

  When: June 18- July 23, 2022  10:00 am - 1:00 pm EST (Saturday's)

            Last Day to Sign Up is Friday, June 11, 2022  

  Where: Zoom (Link + password will be provided in confirmation                               emails sent prior to meeting)

  How:    Virtual Event

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