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Rising above to succeed...

Parent Role & Support: What should you as a parent be doing through the process.

College and Career Exploration -Developing a well design college plan.

Crafting and Identifying your unique brand:  Make you stand out as an applicant. What are your unique qualities?

Positioning yourself for a Scholarship: Complete an assessment of your academic career.

Developing your personal statement/Profile: Learn how to sell yourself in the application process.​

 Resume & Recommendations 

 Crafting The Perfect Essay

 Streamlining The Scholarship Process

 Organizing The Scholarship Process

 Financial Aid Process/Budgeting 

 Transition! What's Next-Wait For it!

 Campus Living-Final Wrap Up Session

                                  ​​                                     Our Amazing "SOAR Program" 

The "Soar College & Scholarship " course has 15 Sessions  PLUS Bonus Resources. There are lessons and worksheets provided to help you and your student get the best possible college education for the least amount of money out of your pockets. We offer 15 weeks because planning for college is not an essay task. The one-on-one preparation you receive through this program is one of the most valuable decisions you can make in your students life. Plus we provide an online access to an individualized dashboard for each college consulting client. Remember earning scholarships is more than just completing and application you must have the full package to be competitive. 

Each of the 15 Sessions contains:

Module Summary Overview 

Learning Objectives

Worksheets and Assignments
Parents Section

The 15 Sessions  in the "SOAR Program"



Full Course Description below:

 Let's get Started!          

 Creating your Unique Brand                                

 Standardized Tests ( Test Prep Program)                         

 Positioning Yourself For A Scholarship                

 Career Search Exploration                                              

 College Search/Exploration                              

The Application Process 

 Developing a Personal Statement                                                

15 Week Sessions 

Streamlining the Scholarship Search: Learn how to search the internet for scholarships.  Using the best databases to make your search faster and easier.

Finding local, Private and Government Scholarships:  Find resources that you never even considered.

Organizing the Scholarship: Prioritize which scholarships are most important and staying committed to the deadline through creating a detailed schedule.

Crafting the perfect essay: This is the opportunity to shine and tell your story. We will give you the skills to make this happen.

Keeping the Scholarship: Understanding your part of the bargain when winning the scholarship.