Did you know there are a million scholarships out there, but where do you begin finding the right one for you? Starting your search can feel intimidating and staying on top of it all can be even more difficult. So, what’s the big secret? Organization is the key!

Here is a step-by-step list you can follow to keep your scholarship search organized and focused:

1. Make an Applications List

Create a list of the scholarships you've already found and would like to apply for, the scholarships you've already applied for and are waiting to hear back from and where you’d like to search for more scholarships.

This is a great tool to utilize and allow you to navigate your scholarship matches and designate those you'd like to apply for, those you're not interested in and which scholarship applications you've completed.

You can also keep your scholarships organized within apps. The app allows you to log in to your  account and organize lists of the scholarships you already match to on the go. It doesn't get any easier than that!

The point is to keep track of your progress so you don't waste time working on anything you've already done and get easily reference past scholarships you've applied for if necessary.

2. Know Your Scholarship Resources

Create a file bookmarking the websites with scholarship information and scholarships you’d like to apply for. Again, you can create a google drive to help you organize these lists -- and links straight to the provider's website with each scholarship details page where you can apply.

Keep your usernames and passwords in a safe spot so that you can access your profiles anytime you need to, as many of the sites update scholarship opportunities frequently.

Look for scholarship opportunities offline, too. Many colleges post scholarship opportunities on bulletin boards on campus, near advisors offices and places where students gather.

Scholarship books are also a great resource, as long as you ensure the information is not out of date.

3. Gather Application Materials

Detail your qualifications and eligibility for scholarships. This will make your future application processes a lot easier when you are applying for more scholarships.

Collect all the materials you may need for applications such as written application essays, your school transcripts and letters of recommendation from teachers and guidance counselors and, if relevant, your FAFSA information.

Keep your materials together so that you can refer to them whenever necessary during your application process, whether it’s in a computer file or an actual file folder.

Also, save all of your scholarship essays as you create them. While it's not smart to reuse the exact essay, it's much easier to edit an essay you've already written than start from scratch, especially if the essay questions are similar in nature and many of them will be.

4. Make a Deadline Calendar

Deadlines are crucial in the application process. Create a calendar that you can stick to detailing all of your scholarship application deadlines.

Try to organize a schedule for yourself so that you can set dates for finishing you essay, submitting your paperwork, sending in your application, etc. Your scholarship calendar lists all of your upcoming scholarship match deadlines to help get you started.

Making a calendar with reminders for the last date of the deadline may be somewhat helpful but it will be far more beneficial to spread out the tasks and plan ahead. That way, by the time the deadline rolls around you've already submitted your application and don't have anything to worry about.

5. Follow Through

Now that you've done all the work for when you’re going to apply, you need to actually apply. Make sure that you are mindful of all the criteria and apply for as many scholarships as you possibly can, because applying for scholarships is essentially a numbers game.

applying is a great start to the race - but following through is like crossing the finish line.  Remember, the more you apply for, the more likely your chances are of winning so apply early and apply often! Follow these steps all the way to scholarship search success.

Good luck with your scholarship search!

Let's Get Started!.

Step One: Request your organizer by e-mail!

You can get your own personal Scholarship Application Organizer here:

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When you input your e-mail address, we will send you an e-mail with the link to your brand-new scholarship organizer (Don’t worry, we won’t spam you!). Put your e-mail address into the form, wait a few minutes, and open up your inbox to see the gift that is waiting for you.

Step Two: Save the organizer and start adding scholarships!

Step Three: Input scholarships and start applying!

Every time you see a new scholarship that you think you’re eligible for and are considering applying for, you should immediately place it in the organizer. Don’t count on remembering all of the information, the URL, the deadlines, or the names; with all of the applications you’ll be doing this season, you’ll want to keep them all in one place. So when you see a scholarship that you can use to fund your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, place its URL and title in the scholarship organizer, keeping all of your information intact.

Step Four: Get and keep track of your awards

You’ll not only want to keep track of which applications you’ve applied for; but also bear in mind how many you will be receiving (or not receiving). If you have been accepted for a scholarship (congratulations!), you should mark the space on your organizer which date you received the scholarship (or scholarship acceptance letter), what the conditions are for the scholarship (volunteer service, minimum GPA), and how much support you will expect to receive.

With the organizer, you can manage your future finances during your studies, and can keep track of whether there is anything else you need to remember. For example, be sure to mark whether you have to send a ‘thank you’ letter to the scholarship sponsors, or whether there is any additional information that they are asking for.

Organizing the Scholarship Search