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Finding and applying for scholarships can be extremely confusing and a waste of time if students don't understand what each scholarship committee is looking for. Unfortunately, it's not always clear to students & their families how they can maximize their chances. If you don't have the extra time or resources to research, I'm here to help!  Get your very own Custom Scholarship Calendar (TM)  specific to your college interest, goals and brand, that you or your student is eligible to apply for.

Get an early start and stick to your goals throughout the year. Your future self will thank you for all your hard work. Making a Deadline Calendar is crucial in the application process. Create a calendar that you can stick to detailing all of your scholarship application deadlines.

Try to organize a schedule for yourself so that you can set dates for finishing your essay, submitting your paperwork, sending in your application, etc. If you would like your very own Custom Scholarship Calendar specific to your college interest, goals, and brand, we can build a customized list of scholarships you are eligible to apply to.

Consulting Process
This service is for High school seniors through graduate students only:

I generate a list of scholarships for your student in which they are eligible to apply. 

NOTE: If you are interested in multiple months or the full year, please contact us directly.


If you’re in search of college money, The Scholarship Calendar can help you meet deadlines for major scholarships, awards, and other activities important to your success! 

There are a million scholarships out there, but where do you begin finding the right one for you? Starting your search can feel intimidating and staying on top of it all can be even more difficult.

So, what’s the big secret? The organization is the key! If you don’t have the extra time or resources to research, I’m here to help!  I will provide a personalized scholarship list neatly organized into a calendar format to fit your specific interest or brand.

Beginning in August of each year through July of the following year, The Scholarship Calendar identifies deadlines and activities for nearly 25 scholarships and awards each month available to high school students as well as students returning to college after many years. This valuable and easy-to-use resource can be used by the following:

High school seniors 
College students
Graduate school students and adults returning to college

The Scholarship Calendar Helps You Get Prepared Months in Advance for Nearly 25 Available Scholarships & Awards!

This is a great resource to keep on hand whether you're in school or at work.

Scholarship Search


SOAR Consultants compiles and makes available a list of scholarships and awards. SOAR Consultants in no way represents guarantees, or warrants the viability, awarding, or funding of any of the scholarships listed.

Custom Scholarship Search Calendar