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Digging for Treasure? 

Ask Everyone

If you are looking for scholarship in GA, talk to everyone (and we mean it: not only friends and family, but also consider talking to neighbors, the postman, minister, etc.) – about your scholarship search. Ask them to check with their employers, churches, clubs, and organizations. Make sure your guidance counselor knows you are interested in scholarships; a lot of scholarships come from guidance nominations. Cast a wide net.

Look Everywhere

Look in the obvious places like the guidance department, local libraries, scholarship books and on the Internet. But also check out retail establishments, churches, community centers, local newspapers and trade publications. Treat the search as a treasure hunt. 

Be Diligent

Your search can take a lot of research, so stick with it. You can’t accomplish it all in one day. It’s better if you devote a small amount of time (15-30 minutes) two or three times a week just looking for scholarships. You will probably be able to get more done and you won’t get as frustrated. Stay focused on your goal.

Follow Up and Follow Through

These are two critical tips because good opportunities can go right out the window if you don’t do what you’re supposed to. Don’t lose out on money because you didn’t return a call, submit an application or missed a deadline. Do the work!


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