​​​​​​Helping Students Navigate

The College & Scholarship Process




                     Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form Completion

                     Don't minimize the importance of this form. According to the Department of Education, 90% of these forms are submitted with                              errors or inconsistencies. This form must be completed to be considered for all financial aid.



       Comprehensive College and Scholarship Plans

                     Confirmation of Student Aid Report (SAR) Accuracy

                     It is vital to check the results of the FAFSA for filing errors. Any necessary corrections are completed during this step



                     CSS Profile Form Registration

                     This form must be submitted to certain but not all colleges for financial aid considerations. You must register to obtain the form or                         acquire the opportunity to do it online.


​                       Access to Complete Customer Service

                     Unlimited contact with a well-educated staff committed to your child's education are available to advise your family on any                                    situation  during the college admissions and financial aid process.


Good student positioning results in:

  • Students focused on a possible career path and what to do after graduation. On average, 1 in 4 students graduate in 4 years with most graduating in 5 years. Students are changing majors and/or colleges after enrolling which only adds to the costs and delays graduation. With better planning a family can beat this statistic

  • Selection of colleges that matches the student academically, socially and financially. We teach that the student makes the college; the college does not make the student. Using a proprietary methodology to apply a student's personality, aspirations and expectations of college and the parent's expectations of college to the college itself, the chances of a student graduating is increased.

  • Realistic college application lists. Just as there are A, B, and C students, there are A, B, and C colleges looking for students. With over 2500 colleges in the nation, we guide students to choose colleges that meet their criteria and that they qualify for. Students are advised to apply to a minimum of six colleges

  • Realistic expectations of the college experience. We are a third party voice for or against parental college expectations, we are a third party voice for or against student college expectations, we manage the entire family's expectations.

  • Reductions of the overall college costs for the family. The percentage of students from our client base that graduate in four years is higher than the norm. The financial assistance for families employing Student Positioning is higher than those who do not.

  • A successful college experience for the students. Choosing the right college creates student confidence, higher self esteem, higher retention of subject material, more time to explore extracurricular activities, more time for growth as a person, and family pride in an education dollar well spent.

SOAR Program Overview



                     Action Tracking List (ATL)

                    A complete list of tasks and timeline for what the family and SOAR will do individually or together throughout the junior and senior                       year. * The ATL is a detailed list letting you know what we are doing and when. Dates note when we anticipate completion of each                      step. Provides the  implementation of a forms tracking strategy.

                   College Generated Financial Aid Form Completion

                   Some schools have their own forms. These forms are just as important as the CSS Profile and FAFSA. This step does not include                      the individual college scholarship applications or admissions applications.

                    Advisor /Interview with Counselor

                  An  in person interview is conducted with a professional career counselors. The counselor will discuss with the                                                     student the realities of choosing the right college. This session will last from 30 minutes to an hour or more. At least one of the                             student's  parents must be in attendance and is encouraged to ask questions. This is a powerful tool to successfully match the                           student to the right college based  on a set of scientific factors, SAT/ACT scores, high school GPA, the family's finances, the                               student's educational interest and the student's general outlook on life. We will not choose the college for you but rather make the                       whole family aware of the right college(s) based on their  circumstances.

We work one on one with students across Georgia and

the US, especially students who are aiming for admission

into a Georgia university. My passion is helping students

find, apply and get scholarship and acceptances to 

colleges that are a good fit for their interests and abilities.

 As an Independent Educational Consultant, I use an

individualized approach to helping students navigate every

aspect of the college and scholarship search and selection


Our goal for each student is to help him or her find schools

where he/she can be happy and thrive academically, socially

and emotionally. The college and scholarship search and

application process can be both time-consuming and

overwhelming unless you have a plan and resources. 

I reduce the anxiety involved in this process by walking

students step-by-step along their path to college.

Students that decide on either the 15 week SOAR Master Class or the Senior Crash Course, will meet with the consultant to discuss the extensive program requirements.

Students and parents will complete a SOAR Consultation intake form in advance, then students and parents will meet with a coach for a 90 minute interview. During this face-to-face meeting they will review high school transcripts, academic plans, test scores, extracurricular activities and community service/work experience. Goals for the student's college experience and the family's financial goals related to need and merit aid will be discussed. 

​​Throughout the first six weeks students will go through a challenging, innovative program designed to help position students for the college scholarship process. The next remaining weeks  students and parents will review and narrow down the suggested scholarships for the best possible match. Students will be responsible for completing essays and going through the application process. A final review will be completed with the SOAR consultant to ensure the college and scholarship packages are complete.  




                    Student Career Search

                     Access to an on-line aptitude/attitude session designed to confirm or focus a student's career goals.
                   * The student career search is the first step in the Student Scholarship Positioning System. We make available an aptitude test to                        search for  possible career avenues for the student and therefore appropriate majors to pursue. This step can reduce the overall                        cost of a higher education by making a bachelor's degree attainable in four years.


                   College Profile Admissions Tracking

                  SOAR provides the student with access to an online college tracking system. Students  receive a personalized worksheet, that                           assist with time management task, deadline and requirements for each school and cost of attendance.


                         Family Counsel on Loan and Budget Options

                         Private loans, public loans, alternative budget options both financial and non financial.

                     Scholarship Positioning System

                     An interactive session with a professional counselor designed to help a family and student with tools to positioning, navigating and                     timing (PNT)  of scholarship  services.  * The scholarship positioning system is the second step of the Student Positioning                                   Concept. We research scholarships based on space, control and the students profile.  


​                       Extended Services 

                     Unlike some college consultants, I continue working with the family and student even after college acceptances arrive and after                          high school graduation. Enrolling in freshmen courses at the new college; selecting dorms, meal plans, and new school clubs; and                      scheduling transfer credits are all new challenges that I can assist with.


                    Benchmark Reports : Student performance

                    Each student is provided knowledge that supplements the action steps completed by SOAR. This allows you to know what they                          are doing and why throughout the entire process. Six critical areas are evaluated for each student to make sure they understand                        the concepts. 

                     Award Letter Evaluation and The Appeal Process

                    Some awards are good, some fair and some bad. We will identify the quality of your award and instruct you on how to begin the                         appeal process. We will write a letter to the financial aid office on your behalf if necessary and instruct you on how to help with a                         phone call or visit.

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