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Our private consulting clients receive the same advice for a minimum of $2,500, but your "tuition" isn't anywhere near that either :)


The 15-Point Checklist Includes 5 Phases

1-2 Hour Session

During this one-two hour call or meeting, I will determine the needs of your family.  I will discuss what action to take in order to position your child for competitive scholarships.  This session is best suited for the self-motivated students who are able to navigate the process with little direction.  ​At your scheduled appointment time, I will discuss: Planning, Organizing ,Leadership skills, and steps to beginning the college and scholarship search. Consulting sessions are scheduled in advance. Most appointments are one to two hours long. You may e-mail any questions you may have regarding the college & scholarship process prior to our meeting

I will review transcripts , extra-curricular activities, test scores and provide knowledge about scholarship databases to help start your scholarship search.  Coaching may be performed face-to-face, phone, Skype or via email. Most coaching uses a mixture of all of these communication methods.  Think about how great it will feel to get all of your questions answered $397  ​

            SOAR ADVISOR 1-2 HR  


SOAR- Advisor  9th- College 


Our 15-Point Checklist Helps

To determine where you are in the college process


             15-POINT CHECKLIST

  • There are 15-critical steps to preparing for college?
  • Do you have a designated plan to accomplish them?
  • If not… let us help you get ready to send your child off to college and Soar.

                 We've designed a 15-point checklist to orchestrate and successfully prepare your children for college.


              The Ultimate College Planning Timeline to get started.

             Careers, majors and colleges and how they should be aligned.



             Applications and Essays… The dreaded deadlines and requirements you should know.

             When to take the test and which is right for you.


             Preparing phase of securing free money...not student loan debt. Scholarship knowledge

Our exclusive 15-Point Checklist Overview includes:

  • Meeting with a College Planning expert
  • Thorough review/explanation of all 15 key points
  • Follow up Report emailed regarding your meeting
  • Bonus: List of Scholarship Opportunities to apply to

Starting investing now for college planning!



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