Master-Class Elite Video

Q ​ What if I am an average student?

We help students find out what's unique and different about themselves. Ample funds have been created by companies and nonprofits to celebrate the worthy talents of learners who perhaps aren’t, high academic achievers but have a great story to tell.

Q  My child is in their senior year can you help them?

Senior year can be a challenging time for students, all the more reason why Soar helps the student to remain organized throughout the process. We help reduce some of the stress and provide steps to successfully help students apply for college and scholarships. It's not too late to help position students for scholarship success. They can still earn money! Motivation is the key.​

Q We tried finding scholarships with little luck. How are you going to help?

Soar utilizes unique techniques and methods to unlocking the scholarship process. We help students locate dozens of scholarships they are eligible for. We help you learn how to search and what to look for. Type your paragraph here.


Q ​ what makes your program different from others?

Our program Is tailored to each individual's unique learning style. Students are engaged weekly, face-to-face or through skype, to ensure each step of the process is complete. This program is designed to be a team effort because we realized students need extra assistance. students have a real-life coach.  This is not an online program for students to do by themselves.

Q  My child is extremely busy. How can they handle this program on top of everything else they have going on?

We realized students are busy, Soar helps students navigate the process by taking small steps each week. Students can devote about 2 -3 hours per week. We train students to incorporate the Master Class into their daily homework assignments to ensure success. For example, students should block out that time just as they would a math class or extra-curricular activity. The end process creates a unique profile that is presentable for colleges and scholarships.