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Is graduating from college with zero-debt easy? No, of course not… but then what is easy that has any real value? The choice is yours… as a family.

You can do college right, resulting in your children graduating with zero-debt and beginning their independence as a young adult unencumbered…

or you can be like virtually everyone else and allow them to be enslaved to student loans for years to come. So which will it be?

We hope you have not given up in the race to erase any debt: We Will cover 7 critical steps to start doing now. 


Increase Your Child’s Chances
to Succeed and finish Debt-Free through
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Your college experience has already begun, but did you know that scholarships are still available to college students. In fact, they’re available to college students of all ages – and in all years of continued education. The search for scholarships should continue even after you graduate high school, all the way up until your final year in college. These scholarships for college students can help you decrease your debt and increase your education fund.  Help yourself out and start applying for scholarships that are a perfect match for you. 

Be prepared to work hard searching and completing scholarship application packages. Students will be required to do weekly assignments and searches and complete a high-quality portfolio.  This will be a fast-paced process, but with ease, if you follow my complete required application process. 

Note: Program can be tailored to adjust to each individual college students schedule.  Click tab for hourly rates. $1597

​SOAR College Zone 

We know college students are busy

You will have all the benefits of the SOAR--Master class along with a very intensive and extensive scholarship process. I will provide hands on advice in devising the best plan of action to help students earn their financial potential.

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