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The College & Scholarship Process

Master Class       

If you'd like some one-on-one individual coaching, then consider private hands on consulting with my exclusive SOAR Master Class.  In addition to great training and resources, in the SOAR master class students will enjoy a one- hour private one-on-one  consultation each​ week!   Assignments must be completed on a weekly basis to stay on task. Coaching may be performed face-to-face, phone, Skype or via email. Most coaching uses a mixture of all of these communication methods.

  • Students participate in private coaching, that provides monthly critical information and in-depth series of topics for unlocking the mystery of the scholarship search and college preparation.

  •  ​​Students will have worksheets, templates and more intense research based training on major scholarship blogs, links and search engines, college profiles and cost analysis through a hands on approach. 

  • ​Students will have access to a student college and scholarship planning guide and learn how to build a scholarship express package and valuable tools for the scholarship search all helping to develop the students unique scholarship profile.

  • Students need to be prepared to meet weekly with updates and a critique review of the students application process will be completed.

Step by step process of how to take advantage of millions of dollars in scholarship opportunities waiting for you.   Each family is required to complete a participation agreement.  Results will vary. Private coaching for 15 weeks, plus hundreds of dollars worth of additional training and help, all for a very affordable price. $1375


SOAR- Training 9th-11th

So What Steps

Do I Take To Get Started?

In order to support parents, high school and college students through the scholarship experience, I offer an initial FREE 30 minute telephone consultation.  Specific times are set aside for us to communicate. Call me at your convince which gives you plenty of time to get a quick question answered, or point you in the right direction. Of course, if 30 minutes isn't enough time to get your questions answered, then you will want to check out my additional 1-2 hour Advisor session. If you need more assistance I suggest taking a look at my SOAR Master Class or my Senior Crash Course. You will receive weekly phone consultation, you get worksheets, tools and templates to make your scholarship search for high school and college students experience more productive and rewarding.

      Take your scholarship success to a whole new level!  

It is our goal at SOAR College Consulting to help your family through the often confusing college search and application process. While no one can guarantee that you will be accepted to a particular college without doing the hard work of maintaining good grades, taking the most challenging curriculum in which you can be successful and being active in a few activities, we can guide you through high school to making the best decisions for your future.

Elisa Turner has successfully worked as an Independent Educational Consultant for 10 years and has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. Her goal is to help your student develop self-awareness in order to make more informed choices without depleting the family finances.


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Contact Us if you just want to set up a free phone consultation to learn more about our programs. 

Meetings can be held over the phone, Google Hangouts or Skype. 

Step 2 
Let's Get Started Today if you want to register for one of our SOAR programs. 
Complete the online registration, SOAR consulting will follow up with student and their family to discuss potential services and next steps. 

Step 3

Schedule Your Appointment  if you are ready to start the process!!!
Meetings can be held over the phone, Google Hangouts or Skype. If you're local, we can meet at the library or coffee house. Once you decide on a day and time I will contact you with pre-meeting instructions. 

Pay for your session(s) via Check,  Cash, or Credit Card in convenient payments. We will work out the best payment plan for you depending on when your contract is signed.  We must have a credit card on file and authorization to charge the card as agreed.   Email (Elisa@SoarToCollege.com) to schedule your session.

​Packages are available throughout the year. Please review the downloadable pdf file, and Service descriptions and call if you still have questions regarding the consultation and pricing.

SOAR Consultants compiles and makes available list of scholarships and awards. SOAR Consultants in no way represents, guarantees, or warrants the viability, awarding, or funding of any of the scholarships listed.