• Session 1: Creating your Unique Brand
  • Session 2: Academic Planning
  • Session 3: Standardize Testing
  • Session 4: Positioning yourself for a Scholarship
  • Session 5: Career Exploration profiles​
  • ​Session 6: College Exploration profiles
  • Session7:  Developing your personal statement/Profile
  • Session 8: The Application Process
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                               PHASE 1: The Foundation

Platinum Client Priority Access
You’ll receive top priority access to SoarToCollege and our Advisory Team. Expect a call-back or email response on… same day.

Access to our exclusive Client Portal
Soar families have access to our membership website that provides direction every step of the way for the student and parents.

Access to online Student Portal Organizer premium account (for the student)
This software tool helps students keep all of their admission documents in one place so nothing gets lost… and the College Calendar feature means no missed deadlines for ANY colleges of interest.

SAT/ACT Diagnostic Testing Online Study Program
Students have access to the finest SAT/ACT Study Program on the planet!

DPR (Defining the Parent Role)
DPR will help determine Parent Role & Support: What should you as a parent be doing through the process. 

Private Introductory College Counseling Session By the first weekend after SOAR Master Class engagement, your student will enter into Private College Counseling sessions with a professional counselor. 


 College & Scholarship 


                                    PHASE 6: The Wrap Up

Quarterly Progress Reviews
We’ll meet with you and your student for a formal Progress Review every 30 days… laying out a plan for you for the next

quarter, as well as reviewing your progress over the last quarter. Nothing will ‘fall in a crack’… and you’ll never

wonder what you should be doing next. It’s imperative for the student to attend these reviews.

Financial Aid Forms Instruction & Review
You’ll receive professional guidance… and strategies… on properly completing all the Financial Aid forms required for

your student. We’ll teach you how to complete the forms… and we’ll check them to make sure they’re done properly.

CSS Profile Form Registration
This form must be submitted to certain but not all colleges for financial aid considerations. You must register to obtain

the form or acquire the opportunity to do it online.

Award Letters Review & Appeal Evaluation
We’ll meet with your family in the March/April time-frame of your student’s senior year and review all of the Financial Aid Awards offered him/her. You’ll understand what your out-of-pocket costs will be for all colleges under consideration… and we’ll help you decide if any appeals are warranted. If this is the case, we’ll coach you through the entire process.

Borrowing Discussion (only if necessary)While our philosophy here at Soar strongly opposes borrowing for college, we certainly respect that different families have different perspectives on how much debt is acceptable for their family. We’ll explain the variety of student (and parent) loans available and help you make the best decisions on which ones to accept.

Final Decision Time!!!!

So What Steps

Do I Take To Get Started?

SOAR Consultants compiles and makes available list of scholarships and awards. SOAR Consultants in no way represents, guarantees, or warrants the viability, awarding, or funding of any of the scholarships listed.

                             PHASE 2: The Assessment

In-depth Self-Assessment for Students
This is one of the best personality self-assessments available. We will interpret the results and use them in counseling your student in the areas of careers, majors, and college selection.

Personal Insight To Building Your Brand
Building and Identifying your unique brand:  Make you stand out as an applicant. What are your unique qualities?.

Academic Atmosphere /Evaluation
Learn how academics measure against grades, the rigor of classes, and test scores. Which are the most important factors in admissions

and funding. It is critical to have a road map for academic planning. Print and review your High School Curriculum and admission

requirements and learn to plan for prerequisites and electives. Goal setting for academics  

Standardized Testing
Understanding how standardized tests can impact admission and financial aid is an extremely important part of the college selection process. In this unit, we will discuss the ACT and the SAT, the content of each, and how colleges use this information. 

​​Scholarship Positioning System
An interactive session with a professional counselor designed to help a family and student with tools to positioning, navigating and timing (PNT) of scholarship services.  * The scholarship positioning system is the second step of the Student Positioning Concept. We research scholarships based on space, control, and the student's profile.  

Customized Personal Handbook with All Steps to Prepare for College
Your student will be equipped with a personalized College Binder that will be an invaluable reference for him/her… and you, the parent, as well. Included will be strategies, essay writing tips, and much more.


                              PHASE 3: Let's Get Started Planning

College Planning NAVIGATOR
The NAVIGATOR is our exclusive, personalized 15 Session Planning Guide. Whenever we meet for future Weekly Progress Reviews,

you’ll have this handy for updates from us.

1st-Pass Preliminary College List
Your student’s College List will eventually consist of 6 to 12 colleges, but we begin with a preliminary list based on your student’s academic

profile and interests coupled with your financial profile.

Application Process
This report shows Financial Aid Eligibility at your student’s colleges of interest, as well as the average amount of University Grants provided to

students with your family’s financial profile.

Essay Exploration
Developing a strong competitive essay that helps you stand out in the admissions process.  

Resume Development/Recommendations
​Creating a cohesive reflection of your accomplishments

College Planning Resources
We’ll give you helpful resources, as appropriate for your families, such as College Planning books, maps, subscriptions, and software.

Soar Master-Class-Elite Program

Make a Payment

15 Week Sessions

The "Soar College & Scholarship " course has 15 Sessions  PLUS Bonus Resources. There are lessons and worksheets provided to help you and your student get the best possible college education for the least amount of money out of your pockets. We offer 15 weeks because planning for college is not an essay task. The one-on-one preparation you receive through this program is one of the most valuable decisions you can make in your student's life. Plus we provide online access to an individualized dashboard for each college consulting client. Remember earning scholarships is more than just completing an application you must have the full package to be competitive. 

I​f you want to register for one of our SOAR programs.  Complete the online registration. SOAR consulting will follow up with student and their family to discuss potential services and next steps. 
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  • Session 9:   Resume/Recommendations
  • Session 10: Crafting the perfect essay 
  • Session 11: Streamlining the Scholarship Search
  • ​​session 12: Organizing the Scholarship 
  • Session 13: Finding local, Private, and Government Scholarships
  • Session 14: What's Next Wait For It!
  • Session 15: Campus Living
  • Soar Final Wrap Up!

                                  PHASE 5: The Financial Aid Qualifier

Through Analysis and Strategizing of EFC

Evaluation of College Funding
Understanding Merit-Based Aid & Need-Based Aid, Review of Scholarships and grants 

Streamlining the Scholarship
Search: Learn how to search the internet for scholarships.  Using the best databases to make your search faster
and easier. Finding local, Private, and Government Scholarships:  Find resources that you never even considered. 

Organizing the Scholarship:
Prioritize which scholarships are most important and staying committed to the deadline through creating a detailed schedule. ​Keeping the Scholarship: Understanding your part of the bargain when winning the scholarship.

​College budgeting/Credit Wise/Adulting
The student will determine his or her income and expenses, then devise a budget for both required and optional
expenses in the college setting



15 Week- 7 Phases

                                  ​PHASE 7: Custom Scholarships Searches 

An ongoing list of scholarship opportunities  

The list is updated monthly until student graduates 

Get your very own Custom Scholarship Calendar (TM)  specific to your college interest, goals and brand, that you or your student is eligible to apply for.

                                PHASE 4: Choosing the RIGHT Colleges

Construction of REALISTIC College List
Building a realistic college list is the single biggest task in planning properly for college. We’ll find 8 to 10 excellent-fit

schools for your student… taking into account the affordability element as well.

College Data Reports
We’ll provide you with College Data Reports on every college of interest to you and your student. Contact information is provided for the college’s Admissions and Financial Aid offices… as well as demographics, important deadlines, school codes, and a listing of all majors offered. And there’s a Freshmen Class Profile that includes metrics of grades and test scores that will assist you in determining the likelihood of admission.

Cost-saving Merit Scholarship Strategies and Preparation
Many fine private colleges (and a few public) offer Merit Scholarships to students who demonstrate a particular academic, athletic, or talent profile. We will help you find those college-based scholarships and counsel your student on how to be seen as a strong candidate for them.

 Aid Eligibility Analysis
This report shows Financial Aid Eligibility at your student’s colleges of interest, as well as the average amount of University Grants, provided to students with your family’s financial profile.

Master Class -ELITE covers your child comprehensively from the time you sign up... all the way to their entrance to college.. for a great fee.  There are 7 phases students explore within each Session that will engage your students through the college journey. 

Students that decide TO ENROLL in the 15-week SOAR Master Class -Elite, will meet with the consultant to discuss the extensive program requirements. 

1. Students and parents will complete a SOAR Consultation intake form in advance, then students and parents will meet with a coach for a 90-minute interview. 

2. During this face-to-face/virtual meeting they will review high school transcripts, academic plans, test scores, extracurricular activities, and community service/work experience.

3. Goals for the student's college experience and the family's financial goals related to need and merit aid will be discussed. Throughout the first six weeks, students will go through a challenging, innovative program designed to help position students for the college scholarship process. 

4. The next remaining week's students and parents will review and narrow down the suggested colleges & scholarships for the best possible match. Students will be responsible for completing essays and going through the application process.

5. A final review will be completed with the SOAR consultant to ensure the college and scholarship packages are complete. 

Pay for your session(s) via Check,  Cash, or Credit Card in convenient payments. We will work out the best payment plan for you depending on when your contract is signed.  We accept Pay-Pal, Zelle, and Venmo.
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Additional Resources:

                       ​PHASE 8: Bonuses for MASTER CLASS Families Only

Free College Readiness Reviews for younger siblings
We offer free College Readiness Reviews for younger siblings anytime after they enter their freshman year

of high school.

Multiple Student Discounts
Our SOAR client families receive huge discounts for all of their younger children who enroll in The Master Class.