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 Scholarship Tracking and Review System


This service is for a Full Application Review ( "Second Look")


Application Components


All applications are reviewed with respect to strength of other applicants. Attention is given to every aspect of an application, with an attempt made to evaluate past achievement as well as scholarly potential. Academic records, letters of recommendation, test scores, and your statement of purpose are all taken into consideration.

Applications are forwarded to SOAR for review as soon as the application is completed by student.  An application is considered complete when all application requirements for the program have been submitted.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted all required materials.  Please monitor your application checklist to identify outstanding requirements.

Once completed, SOAR will conduct a review of the application file.  During the review you may be asked to provide additional information that was not provided at the time you submitted your application (e.g., family information, discovery questions, transcripts, test scores if minimum GPA requirement has not been met).  Once SOAR has determined that your application is complete, recommendations will be forwarded back to you to make your final submission. 

Award Decision

Your intended program will conduct an in-depth review of your application and supplemental materials to evaluate your eligibility for Scholarship.  The organization’s scholarship decision will be forwarded to your prospective college admission office, if awarded.  

Evaluation Timeline

Each program has different application review procedures and schedules.  Some programs wait until the posted application deadline to review all completed applications at one time.  The program may rank each applicant against the entire pool of applicants.  Other programs review completed applications on a case-by-case basis as soon as they arrive and make decisions immediately.  Please refer to your programs web-site or contact the organization or college for more information about the evaluation timeline.--