2 A well crafted personal statement or application essay can make a world of difference in a student's admission and scholarship opportunities. Even when a college application says an essay is optional, admission counselors agree that they view applicants much more favorably when they choose to submit an essay that provides some insight into the student’s personality.

In this intensive, hands-on session we will cover the essentials of creating a compelling and effective college admission or scholarship essay.  Each student will learn how to determine what to relate in an essay and how to make it unique, compelling and memorable.  Throughout the workshop, students will complete exercises that help them hone their writing style, determine the essay’s content and polish it so that it stands out among other essays. 

There is a fine art to writing a compelling and insightful essay for college admissions and scholarship applications. This class will cover all of the elements of an effective essay and assist students as they create their own unique creative work.

We will cover:
How to pick the best topic for your essay:
How the Personal Essay is truly a medium through which character, potential, prowess, insight, leadership ability, and passion can be persuasively revealed

How to open with a compelling and engaging intro:

How to construct a strong opening sentence that draws the reader in, and how to create interest and tension to make them want to keep reading. 

How to use the right tone, when to use humor (and when not to):

How and when to take risks; the importance of empathy, awareness, and humor.

How to wrap it up in a way that pulls the whole essay together :

Mechanics and usage; grammar, organization, and style.
Avoiding cliché, weak phrasing, sentimentality, redundancy, and contradiction.
A thorough review of both successful and unsuccessful essays.

Students would benefit greatly from having one or two prompts in mind and some initial thoughts in order for me to better understand their intent and writing style. The Common App. has released its 2019 prompts  http://www.commonapp.org/whats-appening/application-updates/common-application-announces-2017-2018-essay-prompts

After this workshop, students will have at least the foundation of their essay completed and well equipped to modify it to re-use on multiple applications.  The cost of this session includes the instructor, Elisa Turner, editing this one / two essay's after the class with a follow-up online session, via emails etc. with the student. Additional essay edits are available at an hourly rate.

At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will be prepared to:

Develop an action plan for telling her story
Identify his "hooks" and find opportunities to reveal them
Establish an overall theme for her applications
Develop concepts for "lead" essays (Direct feedback, if desired, is available on the draft of a college essay on the day of the workshop)
Get the most from letters of recommendation
Relax and convey important messages in personal interviews

Workshop Details:

Who should attend: For seniors and juniors (students only) This essay class is useful for rising seniors but also for juniors and sophomores who may be applying for academic camps or scholarships before their senior year. 

In order to maximize individual attention, enrollment is Limited to 6 participants; registrations are taken first-come, first-served 
Six hours in length, including breaks
Lunch/Snacks and beverages will be provided at each workshop
Students should bring pen/pencil, and notebook (laptop for note-taking optional) (workbook provided)

Registration & Fees:

Regular price $400

Special Summer Price                  $297.00

  2- Day Intensive for the seven-hour workshop

          1-Day In Person

          1-Day onlineFollow-UP (LIVE)

Registrations are not complete unless accompanied by payment
Registrations may be made either online or via postal mail (Click "Register Now" button below))
Fees are non-refundable after the workshop has been declared "closed"
If a workshop is canceled all fees will be refunded/returned

Frequently Asked Questions
Details on Workshop:

Q. For whom is this workshop intended?

A.It is intended for prospective college applicants at the end of the junior year of high school (rising seniors). Students who are uncertain about how to present themselves on their applications will find the workshop especially helpful.

Q. What is your approach in working with the participants?

A. We believe there is greater and longer lasting value in the discovery process when it is owned by the student. We seek to empower students by teaching them how to find the answers, first by delving into what they know about themselves and then by giving them an appreciation for the context of the selection process. When they understand how all of the parts work, they are better able to orchestrate them to their own benefit.

Q. What is the instructional format?

A.  This workshop is a hands-on, interactive seminar. Participants will engage in role-play activities, mock interviews and reflective exercises. The objectives are to enhance self-awareness, build confidence in various forms of self-expression and develop strategies for telling stories that are distinctive and compelling in the admission process. Active participation is essential, though. It is imperative that students come prepared to engage in every aspect of the workshop in order to gain the greatest benefit.

Q. Will participants receive direct, personal feedback from the workshop leader?

A. Absolutely! Collaboration is critical to the development of college application strategies. We will use what we learn from each participant to help him identify and refine strategies for telling his story. As part of the workshop, students will be invited to submit drafts of college application essays for feedback.

Q. Is it possible for parents, teachers or counselors to observe the workshop?

A.Is intended for students only.

Q. When will I find out about the details of the workshop?

A. Once your registration is submitted with payment you will receive a confirmation emails:

  • an auto-generated email to confirm payment processed
  • a personalized email from Elisa to confirm your participation in the workshop for which you registered
  • an email from Elisa about a week prior to the workshop that provides workshop details/logistics as well as a participant profile for you to complete and return in advance of the workshop

Be prepared for extensive writing/note taking. You may not record the workshop.

Q. Should I bring something to eat or will food be served?

A. Snack food and drinks will be provided as part of the registration. You are welcome to bring along a bottle of water if you want.

Q. Can I bring a friend?

A. Friends are welcome to register. Unless otherwise indicated, the workshops are open to students from any school or homeschool environment on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q. If I register for the additional consulting time, when and how might that take place?

A. The consultation can take place at a mutually agreeable day and time after the workshop. While the appointment can be made via email, most consultations will take place by phone or Skype.

Q. Is my registration fee refundable?

A. Your registration fee is Non-refundable
if class is cancelled.

Q. May I register if I cannot be there for the whole time? Is there a discount if I can only be there for two or three hours?

A. You should only register if you know your calendar is clear for the full workshop. There are no discounts for limited participation.

Q. Do you work with individual students to manage the application process with/for them?

A. Our objective is to empower the student to work independently toward achieving his goals. We do offer private consultations called "Advisor Sessions," and do occasionally work with students to refine their essay submissions. We also provide comprehensive college planning support. For more information  contact us at soartocollege.com or 770-827-3850

Because a compelling and memorable essay can 
create opportunities and open doors.

​(Limited to 6 participants )

College & Beyond Series

"Proceeds from workshops will go toward establishing our first scholarship program". ( Details soon!)

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