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Virtual Event-Online

What to Bring:

Students should bring a pen/pencil, and a notebook 
Flash Drive
Enthusiasm to learn 
current essay student is working on

Bonus- We will be creating a profile worksheet, searching and submitting scholarship applications 



Workbook Included

Day 1:

I will discuss why the mindset is key for college funding.
E's Essential Elements of college and scholarship planning

Four Steps to Creating the Mindset

How to increase your chances for Winning College Scholarships 

Unlocking your passion and potential for the scholarships you deserve
Organizing & Creating a Plan for scholarship success
Tips and Tools for Finding Scholarships

How to Write a Winning Essay

Define your scholarship profile
Setting realistic goals to earning scholarships
Learn how to turn your experience and passion into a 6- figure scholarships, regardless of income or GPA

Learn the layering technique to stack your dollars
How not to pay full-price for colleges, and set your targets 
Student engagement

Understanding FAFSA 

What to do next if you don't have a plan? 

Q & A 


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College & Beyond Series

​​This is absolutely one class that every 8th-12th grade college-bound student and their parents should attend: I will discuss the best ways to navigate the scholarship process. Learn how to shift your thinking so that you understand why applying to scholarships early can provide the financial freedom of attending college. Having the right mindset is important when tackling this overwhelming process. Starting the scholarship process early is the key to success. 

Why this seminar? 
The Scholarship Mindset Seminar walks you step–by-step through the process of financing a debt free college education. The information shared in this seminar can save families 60% to 75% off of the “sticker price” of college. This seminar will Unlock the mystery of the scholarship process and  give you the tools for long-term educational and financial success.

Registration Cost vs Potential Return
The Power of The Scholarship Mindset  focuses on teaching strategies that can save thousands off of the costs of college if executed with passion. By offering these steps, students are able to develop a plan that shows their potential college expenses. The goal is to helps students and parents understand the cost of college , creating a plan of action, and choosing the right attitude to move forward.  Many attendees discover that the money needed for college can be found in the information/strategies received from the seminar.

 What is the Value of attending? 

The investment in educating yourself before signing a financial contract is significant in an effort to avoid making costly mistakes. Unfortunately, millions of families do not take this same approach when it comes to paying for college. As a result, many students and their parents end up with student loan debt.

The scholarship mindset cannot guarantee a specific return on invest, however we can provide valuable information that will save you ten times the registration fee, that would net you are return of 100% on your investment.

We aim to help you avoid making a $10,000 mistake or save you thousands in college expenses then your return on investment (ROI) will be will worth it.  

                          The concept of ROI, Let's Compute The Numbers 

                                                  $500 - Red Bottom Shoe = Financial Return On Investment ?


                               $300+ New stylish out fit  = Financial Return On Investment ?


                                                                        $$150- New XBOX Game  =  Financial  Return On Investment?

                       $25 to $1,000- The Scholarship; Mindset and other workshops could = savings of $10,000 or more.


What makes this seminar different from other College and Scholarship classes and workshops?

  • There are many college preparation resources available. The Scholarship Mindset places an emphasis on attending and completing college "DEBT FREE".
  • Proven step-by-step strategies are presented as debt-free financing options for seminar attendees.
  • Financial literacy is emphasized and life planning strategies are also offered to complement the debt free college degree financing strategies.
  • Families are encouraged to approach college as an ongoing process.


 Why Is There A Fee For The Seminar?

Each seminar costs hundreds of dollars to advertise and present. The fee ensures that the seminar can reach the maximum amount of people with this valuable information. The potential return on the investment in the seminar could far exceed the registration costs. Results are based on the efforts of the individual.

Do You Offer Financial Assistance To Attend The Seminar? 
We do not offer scholarships for the workshops at this time. 

If you are a college student can you attend?

Students from high school to college are encouraged to attend. ​

Elisa Turner 
SOAR Consulting 
770 827 3850 

Workbook Included


Friday September 25, 2020


7:00 PM- 9:00 PM (workshop)

Saturday September 26, 2020

11:00 am- 1:00 pm

(Scholarship/Search and Submit)

Learn how to shift your thinking so that you understand why applying to scholarships early can provide the financial freedom of attending college.

DAY 2:


What type of parent are you

Parent Scholarship worksheet

Scholarship quiz

Creating a student profile toolkit

Searching scholarship applications

Hands-on Scholarship Activities worksheet

Q & A