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                         ​​                  Tips for Winning Scholarships

Below are some of the helpful tips that will help to win a scholarship:

Begin looking for scholarships the earliest possible time. Avoid waiting until spring of senior year in high school before starting the search because you may be missing half the deadlines. There are several scholarships being offered to the students not only for high school seniors but also for grades 9, 10, and 11. Also, scholarships are offered for the students in grades K-8. Keep on looking  [college-graduation] for scholarships even if you are already enrolled in college.

Answer all of the questions even those that are optional which can be found on a scholarship matching website for approximately twice as several matches.

– Take advantage of accessing a free scholarship matching service like the Fastweb.com. Its database is being updated every day and the site will be sending email notifications regarding new scholarships that are matching to your personal background profile.

Search for local scholarships which may be posted on the bulletin boards close to the guidance counselor of financial aid offices. The scholarships may as well be posted on the bulletin boards of careers section and library’s jobs.

Submit an application for scholarship wherein you have the eligibility. Pursue with the less competitive scholarships because these can be easier to obtain and the money will be adding up to help you have better opportunity to acquire bigger scholarships. Among the less competitive scholarships include the small awards as well as essay contests.

Never miss deadlines. Make use of the calendar and have a checklist in order to have an organization as to the things needed to be done.

Tailor you application based on the goals of the sponsor. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions provided.

When having difficulties with essay writing, try to record oneself while answering the question out loud and then transcribe the recording afterwards. Majority of the individuals are able to think and speak quicker than they can type or write. Make an outline to have organization of your thoughts.

The essay must be written personally and with passion. Write something that is within your realm of interests. Your application must be able to stand out from the crowd. Share your impact on other individuals. Provide examples and make sure that these are specific.

Search your name on Google to be certain of having a professional online profile. A professional email address must be used like firstname.lastname@domain.com. Check your Facebook account and clean up its content by deleting the materials which are not appropriate and those that are immature.

The printed copy of your essay as well as your application must be proofread to check for grammar and spelling.

Have a photocopy of your application prior to mailing it. Send in the application through certified mail and make sure to get the delivery confirmation.

​Scholarship Tips worksheet