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Dear Students & Parents,

People that are considering the idea of attending college are usually quite excited about the opportunity. This excitement could also turn to stress when trying to consider how they will afford tuition while sorting through all potential sources of funds that may be available to them. As a scholarship consultant my role is to become the bridge between students and parents to help motivate them to their potential Through the Scholarship Consulting Services program, we provide opportunities and options so that students and parents can make an informed choice when selecting a college that meets all the needs of the student, including the academic program that is best for the student, the financial aid offered, and campus compatibility.

The SOAR program will help student’s complete scholarship applications, submit financial aid forms, and give parents and students resources and advice to better understand and navigate the scholarship and college admissions process. We will answer questions, address concerns, and provide information that will enable parents to feel more confident about the somewhat confusing and frustrating scholarship, college admissions and financial aid process.

My goal is to reduce the stress families and students experience during the scholarship search and application process so that the entire process is easier on students and parents. Competitive scholarships are changing and becoming more complex and stressful. My role is to simplify the process because I have experienced this with my own children.

As college admissions becomes more and more competitive, many parents and students are turning to college consultants to assist them with the complex process of researching and applying to colleges. As more and more consultants assist families, the competition for admission becomes even more fierce. With over 3 million students applying to college,  and the number of independent consultants who are assisting them increasing, it is more important than ever that families understand the process.


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