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​​Helping Students To Navigate

The College & Scholarship Process

          How Does it Work?


  • This is done through a process that honors the student’s strengths that is encouraging and non-judgmental.​
  • ​Holds the student accountable for meeting deadlines and taking appropriate actions.
  • Provides tools and techniques to help Increase scholarship opportunities.
  • Facilitates open communication between students, parents, and coach all while keeping the process as non-stressful as possible.

"Success Happens Where Preparation Meets Opportunity"!


Searching for scholarships can become an overwhelming process. It's more than just completing applications.  It's important to learn how to build your wealth network in order for you to effectively compete for scholarships.  Organizing your time and preparing early is the key to success.  We can help you plan and prepare for this time consuming process.

We use a holistic approach to create your authentic self.  The focus is toward your specific abilities and talents unique to your characteristics. ​

What Type of Students?

 ​Welcome! Whether you are a straight A student with a long list of extra-curricular activities and community service, or a student with a story to tell... 

​SOAR Scholarship Coach Elisa Turner can help you find, apply and position you for scholarship money  to a college that meets your academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs

Your future is waiting! Let us help you SOAR into college!    

Resources, Events & Offers 


"Helping Students to find the best

financial opportunities for college funding."

The Goal

Our goal is simple: To create an opportunity for students to earn financial success, working with one student at a time through teamwork and commitment.  ​(9th-college)

SOAR has been helping students fulfill their potential for years.  We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the students and parents for the most efficient plan. The idea is for students to earn private, merit and need based scholarships.

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Rising Seniors: College & Beyond Essentials:

June 17,2017

This workshop provides a timeline for rising seniors as they plan for college. The students will learn the importance of planning and persistence during the senior year and gaining an understanding of the overall college & Scholarship process. Open to all students and parents, Public, Homeschool and private

 Topics include:
College planning timeline
How to choose a college & more