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Searching for scholarships can become an overwhelming process. It's more than just completing applications.  It's important to learn how to build your wealth network in order for you to effectively compete for scholarships.  Organizing your time and preparing early is the key to success.  We can help you plan and prepare for this time consuming process.

We use a holistic approach to create your authentic self.  The focus is toward your specific abilities and talents unique to your characteristics. 

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   "Success Happens Where Preparation Meets Opportunity"

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The Scholarship Coach

                              Comprehensive College and Scholarship Plans

Students that decide on either the 15 week SOAR Master Class or the Senior Crash Course, will meet with the consultant to discuss the extensive program requirements.

Students and parents will complete a SOAR Consultation intake form in advance, then students and parents will meet with a coach for a 90 minute interview. During this face-to-face meeting they will review high school transcripts, academic plans, test scores, extracurricular activities and community service/work experience. Goals for the student's college experience and the family's financial goals related to need and merit aid will be discussed.

​​Throughout the first six weeks students will go through a challenging, innovative program designed to help position students for the college scholarship process. The next remaining weeks  students and parents will review and narrow down the suggested scholarships for the best possible match. Students will be responsible for completing the application process. A final review will be completed with the SOAR consultant to ensure the college and scholarship packages are complete.  


We work one on one with students across Georgia and the US, especially students who are aiming for admission into a Georgia university. My passion is helping students find, apply and get scholarship and acceptances to colleges that are a good fit for their interests and abilities. As an Independent Educational Consultant, I use an individualized approach to helping students navigate every aspect of the college and scholarship search and selection process.

Our goal for each student is to help him or her find schools where he/she can be happy and thrive academically, socially and emotionally. The college and scholarship search and application process can be both time-consuming and overwhelming unless you have a plan and resources. I reduce the anxiety involved in this process by walking students step-by-step along their path to college.

College Search and Selection     

After reviewing the student’s transcripts, interest inventory, and speaking with the family, I present a detailed report of colleges and universities for the best fit.

Application Review
After reviewing the student’s records and getting to know the family’s goals, I can make recommendations regarding the student’s high school courses and schedule, his school involvement and leadership options, his community service record, his testing schedule and preparation, his summer camps and conferences, and any other “gaps” that may negatively impact admissions to colleges.

College Application Assistance 

After the college list is selected and finalized, I enter the student’s profile and selected colleges into their personalized worksheet. This assists with management of tasks, deadline and requirements for each school and the cost of attendance. 

Financial Aid and Scholarship Assistance 

 I familiarize parents about the complicated financial aid process. Also, I manage financial aid deadlines and supply a calendar for personal records. A report will be presented with several scholarship opportunities selected personally for the student.

Extended Service:

Unlike some college consultants, I continue working with the family and student even after college acceptances arrive and after high school graduation. Enrolling in freshmen courses at the new college; selecting dorms, meal plans, and new school clubs; and scheduling transfer credits are all new challenges that I can assist with.

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"Strong parent involvement is a must, you are the primary factor in this process."


"Helping Students to find the best financial opportunities for college funding."



Our goal is simple: To create an opportunity for students to earn financial success, working with one student at a time through teamwork and commitment. 

​​SOAR has been helping students fulfill their potential for years.  We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the students and parents for the most efficient plan. The idea is for students to earn private, merit and need based scholarships.

    How Does It Work?

  • This is done through a process that honors the student’s strengths that is encouraging and non-judgmental.

  • Holds the student accountable for meeting deadlines and taking appropriate actions.
  • Provides tools and techniques to help Increase scholarship opportunities. 

    Facilitates open communication between students, parents, and coach all while keeping the process as non-stressful as possible.

What Type Of Students?

Welcome! Whether you are a straight A student with a long list of extra-curricular activities and community service, or a student with a story to tell... 
​SOAR Scholarship Coach Elisa Turner can help you find, apply and position you for scholarship money  to a college that meets your academic, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Personalized Scholarship Assistance:


Assisting High-School and College Students to gain

private, merit and need based scholarship opportunities. 

Millions of dollars in unclaimed scholarship money is left on the table each year.

College Scholarship Consultant Elisa Turner provides comprehensive, one-on-one

scholarship counseling services to help high-school and college students navigate

the complicated scholarship process. Students work directly with Elisa on pre-college

planning, career & major exploration, developing a strong college and scholarship list. Students will focus on time management skills,meeting deadlines, college application essays, and building a unique brand for finding scholarship & financial aid resources.

Elisa Turner-Christian Home-School Educator and counselor for seventeen years, who brings specialized experience to the scholarship process.

Elisa Turner

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       Welcome to SOAR-Scholarship Assistance!